Revista destaca los ingredientes alimenticios indispensables para la salud del cerebro

Revista destaca los ingredientes alimenticios indispensables para la salud del cerebro

Brain health supplements are a growing market segment thanks to several recent research
developments and the rise of age-related cognitive decline. One market report by Research and
Markets states that the global brain health supplement market was worth $2.3 billion (USD) in 2015, and worldwide sales of brain health supplements are projected to exceed $11 billion (USD) by 2024.

This report points to an aging population of highly educated professionals as the driving force behind the growth in demand. In addition, increased awareness about the benefits of supplements for supporting concentration and memory among college students, scientists, and entrepreneurs has increased sales in this category, according to the firm.

Research and Markets also states that the largest sales channel for brain health products is online
stores, which are outpacing drug stores and supermarkets in sales growth due to more variety in
price points, more product launches, and a greater availability of private labels.

As demand for brain health ingredients grows, so does interest in research that demonstrates the
value of new and established nutrients for promoting healthy brain function. New studies continue to demonstrate the specialized beneficial effects of various compounds on the brain, particularly for
memory and cognition support.

While there are too many brain health ingredients on the market to examine them all in one sitting,
what follows is a shortlist of some popular ingredients with new studies that demonstrate their
benefits. (Note that this list is by no means exhaustive, and is intended to be a sampling of some
compelling recent studies.)

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Nutritional outlook journal  volume

November 2017